7 great apps to make WhatsApp work better on Android

 Tips to to make WhatsApp work better on Android

WhatsApp put a photo for me please” seems to be a very common phrase these days, especially after meetings and parties. Now that I think about it, it's rather odd that the application name has morphed into an action designation. WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging services available, and you are right, with its many impressive features.

However, in addition to these features, there are many applications that make the WhatsApp experience even better. From hiding images to automatic replies, they strike the perfect balance between fun and work.

So, here we have compiled a list of 7 apps that will help you do just that. Let's jump straight into.

1. Clear gallery

Surely you have to be in a couple of WhatsApp groups and have surely faced the anger of forwarded media that ultimately ruined your phone gallery. Siftr Magic Cleaner It can help you remove offensive material like comics, memes, greetings and so on.

What's App 7

The operation is simple and easy. Just run the scan once and it will clear the gallery in batches. After the package is completed, you must confirm your choice and click "Delete".

All you have to do from the endpoint is save the monthly reminders in your reminders app, and you just press a button to clear everything.

2. Hide photos from gallery

If the above sounds a little tedious, how about disallowing images from your phone's gallery entirely? A relatively new app called Hide Picture, WhatsApp Videos helps keep WhatsApp out of your sight.

What's App 5

What's App 1

This app requires you to set a PIN on startup along with a security question. You will then see options for hiding pictures, videos, GIFs, and more from your phone gallery.

Cool suggestion : if you keep seeing WhatsApp folders in your gallery, restart your device once to get rid of them.

3. Get floating bubbles

One of the great features of the Facebook Messenger app is floating bubbles. These bubbles can be dragged anywhere on the screen, and when you're done, you can remove them from the screen. How about a similar function for WhatsApp? say hello to flychat .

Not only WhatsApp, this application can be enabled in various messaging applications such as Slack, Twitter, etc.

What's App 9

What's App 10

The setup is simple, all you have to do is grant permissions and select your messaging service. Now, whenever you receive a WhatsApp message, you will be notified by a floating bubble that will follow you wherever you go. And it is very easy to scare him away.

4. Mask your chats

Tired of people looking at your messages during your travels? Let the Chat Mask be your guardian angel. This application will cover your chats with a thin veil, protecting your privacy from viewers.

What's App 11

What's App 12

You can control the opacity of the curtain as needed. The best thing about this digital screen skin is that the user will be able to see the chat while the screen appears dark from the side corners. The transparency setting is available at the top of the screen.

Apart from that, you can also choose a small part of the screen, as well as some fun themes.

5. Store files in external storage [root required]

Are you tired of WhatsApp taking up some of your device's internal storage? This can be annoying on phones with less memory. How about transferring it to external storage?

Installation folder [ROOT] He is the gentleman who will save you in situations like this.

Screenshot 20170411 185349 576X1024

WhatsApp 2 Applications

Requires a rooted device to work. After granting superuser rights, you can create a mapping between the two repositories. It's as easy as selecting folders in File Explorer and then saving the mapping.

6. Schedule messages [Root required]

One feature that most of us have been craving for days: the ability to schedule messages. Fortunately, this can be achieved on a rooted Android device using the SEEBYE PROGRAMMER ROOT app. This will allow you to add certain rules and depending on the conditions, messages will be sent at the scheduled time.

What's App 14

You can select a text message, image or sound clip along with a repeat template.

7. For a laugh

How about pranking your friend with a fake number? To do this, you need the help of two applications: parallel space y First . Primo will help you get the number and Parallel Space will help you activate the clone. WhatsApp on the new number.

Screenshot 20170411 184956

Screenshot 20170411 185023

Primo will need a verified email address to register, after which the number will be displayed in the left pane. After that, sign up for WhatsApp (cloned) using the new number and get ready to joke with your friends.

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