Customize your Android wallpaper

Perhaps one of the winning things about Android is its customization options. Almost everything can be customized to your liking. The Play Store has solutions for everything: awesome icon packs, cool launcher apps, widgets big and small, and last but not least, 

Customize your Android wallpaper

wallpapers, especially live wallpapers.So, whether it's raindrops falling on your screen or snowflakes flying, live wallpapers will surely help bring your home screen to life. And an app named after Animated Live Wallpaper helps you do just that.

Should you use live wallpapers on your phone?

Liven Live Wallpaper: обзор

Liven works by applying an overlay on top of the current background, thereby enhancing its appearance. You have the option to choose from 5 categories, which include small floating snow particles or large balls. These particles constantly dance across the screen, giving it a surreal look.

Animar Live Wallpaper 2

Also, if you find this effect a little distracting, especially in low light, you can turn it off. On top of that, you have a filter mode that you figured out allows you to choose the right filter for your live wallpaper and do justice to the image.

You will have the option to choose from classic black and white, rich, antique sepia grain, vintage, and more.

For a more dynamic effect, you can choose to mix wallpaper at a fixed time interval. There is nothing wrong with this feature as it simply does not provide you with your own collection of wallpapers. Instead, you can choose your device's storage.

App within app 576X1024

Select in the app 576X1024

It is also better if you already have a wallpaper app installed as you just need to open that particular app and hit Select.

Animar Live Wallpaper 8

Live Wallpaper 9

To put it simply, it has a refreshing look of animated snow in the foreground and the background changes based on your settings.

Speaking of settings, you can choose to shuffle the wallpaper in a time frame ranging from 5 minutes to a day. So one less job.

Animar Live Wallpaper 7

And even if you are still tired of the current look, double-tap any empty spot on the screen and the wallpaper will instantly change (depending on the settings). Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Removal of the exit pupil

As you may already know, a bright screen is the perfect recipe for eye strain. Liven also takes care of your eyes and contains useful features to help you darken your wallpaper at night. You will be presented with a scale with which you can decrease the intensity of the wallpaper.

Animar Live Wallpaper 6

The nighttime timing source isn't rocket science for this little app. No, these are not weather apps or the Internet.

Instead, you will need to enter the data manually in the settings.

For example, if the sun sets around 6:00, you can set the time accordingly. Likewise, the sunrise time must also be entered into the system.

Screenshot 20170413 175313

Speaking of dark and light, Livid comes with an extra feature that allows you to choose a star overlay.

These stars can be set at night, which is the true essence of customizable live wallpaper. What makes me love this app is that you can choose the effect you want.


The basic version of this app is free and will include a free animation effect and a couple of filters. Fortunately, the image shuffle effect falls into this category. Hidden behind the Rs 130 (roughly $ 2,017) paid access are other filters such as vintage, bleach and some night sky effects.

Screenshot 20170413 175206

In conclusion, Livid is a lightweight app that manages battery life perfectly - it's not a huge juicer, and it still manages to give your phone a little refreshment. So come on, bring the spark to your home screen.

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