20 Clean Master Apps for Android 2022

 Clean Master for Android

Are you tired of the slow speed of your phone's startup process? Are you still worried that there is no storage you can use on your phone? Or are you impatient with the speed of your phone? Fortunately, here we recommend 20 best cleaners to help you solve these problems. Keep reading and have a softer phone with these amazingly pure masters for Android.

  • Part 1: 10 Best Clean Master for Android
  • Part 2: Second Good Clean Master for Android

Part 1: 10 Best Clean Master for Android

Top 1: Clean Master

Clean Master is an all-in-one tool for Android devices. It is considered as one of the best clean and maintenance applications that are so necessary that Android users cannot get faster devices without them. It has powerful features and is easy to use, making it the most widely used clean tool. Besides the colorful and interactive interface, the biggest reason is why it is so popular that it does not cause battery power. But for expert users looking to explore the capabilities of their Android devices, Clean Master may not be of much use, but for regular users, it really is a good choice.

Pure master

Top 2: CCleaner

CCleaner is also a good pure master that we want to recommend to you in this article. Just like the Clean Master we introduced to you earlier, CCleaner is a multifunctional app that does its best to analyze and clean up the unwanted files that are taking up your precious Android devices. In addition, it has some additional features such as pp manager, CPU, RAM and storage meter, battery and temperature tool for Android users to use. And these features make it a great storage tool for getting into your Android devices. The disadvantage of this pure master is the same with the first tool we recommend to you. For expert users, it is not a good tool to get more out of their devices.


Topp 3: App Cache Cleaner

As the name implies, App Cache Cleaner is a pure master that allows you to clear the cache files stored by different types of applications in your Android devices. These cache files stored by the apps you download are used for a quick reboot, while these files tend to pile up over time and then they will be remembered by your Android devices. When you have such a problem, App Cache Cleaner is a wonderful tool that can help you solve this issue. It can identify the junk files and set the reminders to notify you when you need to clean the cache files. But the biggest downside to it is also obvious, it can only clean the cache files stored by your apps.

App Cache Cleaner

Top 4: You Speed ​​Booster Cache Cleaner

This software is also a comprehensive pure master that is popular with many Android users. DU Speed ​​Booster Cache Clean helps a lot when you clean junk and cache files from your Android phones. It is said that this tool can increase the speed of the phone by up to 60 percent. It is also equipped with antivirus and trojan scanners. All these features make it a good all in one tool for Android users to clean their phones.


Top 5: Startup Manager

For most Android phones, the process of restarting the phone always takes a long time. And that's because Android can be configured to launch certain apps during the boot and charging process. But the things you do not realize is that many apps add to the "start list" and make the reboot time much longer. Startup Manager is such a pure master that you can use to remove the unnecessary programs from the list and speed up the phone's startup time. And it's easy, secure and free to use so it's recommended for Android users.

Startup Manager

Top 6: History Eraser

If you are worried about your personal history in your phone being known or snooped by other people, History Eraser is a wonderful pure master who can do a lot of help for you. It can automate all of this for your convenience so you can clear your history or personal information with a single tap. With History Eraser, you can clean many stories, including browser history, call logs, text messages, search history, download history, clipping data, and more. But there are some ads in the free version. If you want to remove them, you can upgrade to the paid version.

History Eraser

Top 7: Duplicate Contacts & Ultimate

Duplicate Contacts & Ultimate is a pure master that focuses on managing your contacts, and it is very suitable for those who have hundreds, even thousands of people in the contact list. With this application, you will not waste your time finding or managing your contacts. With the exception of exact duplication and merging of duplicate contacts, the functions are only available in paid version, the rest of the functions are completely free for you to use. Such as Duplicate Number Removal, Duplicate Name Removal and so on. It is very easy to use and takes a lot of convenience, so it is popular with a large number of users.

Dual connectors

Top 8: Teebik Apps Mobile Security & Anti Virus for Android

Teebik Apps Mobile Security and Anti Virus for Android is one of the useful applications that protect your Android device from all types of Trojans, spyware, malware and viruses. Once you have downloaded Teebik Apps Mobile Security and Anti Virus for Android, it will scan all the apps that you download and remind you that you remain undated about the security of your device. It can also remind you to focus on the apps that take up a lot of space and delete the unnecessary ones. However, it can handle cache files and other junk files.

Teebik Apps

Top 9: Booster for Android

Booster for Android is truly a popular pure master. According to statistics, this app has been downloaded by more than 50 million Android users. To help you clean your Android devices, this powerful application will scan your devices first and then display all the percentage of your device's memory that is occupied by unnecessary files. Apart from that, this tool will also give you suggestions on how to manage these files. All you have to do is delete the junk files. However, this tool continues to run in the background and is invalid by some users.

Booster for Android

Top 10: Adguard for Android

Just as the name is called, Adguard for Android is an intimate software that focuses more on helping Android users get rid of unwanted and disapproved ads, malicious websites and monitoring. In addition, Adguard for Android successfully reduces the time for website loading and speeds up your phones. Unfortunately, it has some requirements for the versions of Android devices. It is only compatible with phones running 4.3 or higher versions of Google software. And it's not available on Google Play. To download this app you need to install it as a third party.

Adguard for Android

Part 2: Second Good Clean Master for Android

Pure masterFeatureAwardRate
1 faucet cleanerAs the name suggests, it is a powerful clean master that you can clean your Android with the push of a button.Fri4.3
SD MaidA file management app that acts as a file manager.
Support track widow folders and clean the system.
Cleaner eXtremeFree and easy to use.
Very secure and no fear of losing data.
Root cleanerRequire root privileges for Android devices.
Support two different modes, including fast, clean and completely clean.
CPU-tunerLet yourself both underclock and overclock save battery.
Require root privileges to drive.
Device ControlAllow Android users to use their Android devices to their best advantage.Fri4.1
BetterBattertryStatsHelp you discover the app that prevents a device from going into sleep mode and using battery resources.$2.894.5
3c Toolbox / Android TunerAllow users to temper with Android system settings.
With a task manager, you can create or kill applications on your devices.
MobogenieSupport function for managing your text messages.
Help you make some extra space in your Android phone.
AirDroidFocus on offering data transfer and file management.Fri4.5


In this article, we recommend 20 best cleaners for Android to you. All are really good clean masters who can help you manage your phone and make it much easier to use. Hope you can find something helpful in this article and find the most suitable pure master. If you have other thoughts or want to share with different pure masters, just write down in the comments.

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